Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breaking the news

One of the most interesting things about our decision to move to Switzerland so far has been the variety of reactions Ashley and I have received when we break the news to our friends and family.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Our friends and family are geniunely happy and excited for us. They have been so supportive, even if they aren't totally familiar with how incredible this opportunity is. It's been a lot of fun to share the excitement with everyone!

It has also been reassuring to know people have so much confidence in us. Ashley and I are 100% confident in our decision, but it's always comforting to know we have everyone's blessing.

Below are some of the different reactions we've encountered so far.

  • We've gotten lots of encouragement

- "You guys are so brave, I really admire that you're willing to just get up and uproot your lives and move to a different country, not sure if I could do the same."

- "So proud!!"

- "I'm so excited for you guys. It will be such an incredible experience to be in Europe and have the opportunity to travel to so many places!"

  • People are geniunely curious about IMD

- "Tell me about the school, where in Switzerland is it? Is it a two-year program? Is it taught in English?"

- "Wow Marshmallow, I did a little research on IMD, and it looks really impressive! Well done!" 

  • There have been some funny reactions

- "It will be a great experience... and just think of all those great new chocolates you will get to try!"

- Friend 1: "Dude... Switzerland huh..."
  Friend 2: "You're just freaking out that all your friends are abandoning you."

- "Your boss is going to be pissed when you tell him you're leaving!"

  • Some folks just can't wait to get rid of us

- "Congratulations! When are you guys leaving?"

  • Others are already nostalgic

- "Aw, this year will be the last Friendsgiving!"

  • Telling the family has been very sweet

- "Please remember that if you hear panic when you tell your grandparents, it's not that they aren't excited for you, rather they are super-nervous of the big bad world out there."


  • And we've gotten many good questions!
- "Wow that's great news guys, congrats! But WAIT!!! What will you do with your house? Do you need a visa? Will you quit your job? Will Ashley quit her job? Are you coming back to the US?"

- "I can't believe you guys are moving to Switzerland! Do you ski?"

- "Marshmallow, what are you gonna do with your grill?"

- "Wait, so what about the World Cup?"


  1. Hi Marshmallow,

    Interesting to read the reactions you have been getting. Myself and my wife have noticed that people are generally really excited for us, but there have been one or two strange reactions.

    Most interestingly was that my wife has had some genuine expressions of sympathy e.g. "Wow, so how do you feel about it? Are you al-right? We'll be thinking about you!"

    Another interesting reaction is when you tell someone your plans, and they launch into a 30 minute monologue of how much they intend to travel around the world over the next few years.

    One of the more honest opinions I have gotten was from a colleague who said that, "I would be scared as hell at having to make such a large change in my life."

    However, as stated earlier the overwhelming majority of the reactions have shown pleasant surprise and support. I really enjoy the honest and unexpected comments the most though!

    1. Ha sympathy is a rather unusual reaction, can't say we've gotten that one! We have definitely had a lot of people promising to come visit us in Lausanne, it remains to be seen if they will follow through. And I always advise that I will be very happy if they do come, but I probably won't be able to spend much timne with them. I am sure everyone will be glad to see Ashley and not have to deal with me though.

    2. Maybe the funniest reaction I got was "You are going to Switzerland?! But do you know how to milk cows??"

      Otherwise, pretty similar experience. Marshmallow, I do enjoy reading you blog. Hope you can keep it up to date come January : )

    3. Haha that's a good one - maybe that will be one of our team-building exercises next year? :)

      Glad you enjoy the blog! Yes come January I imagine I'll update it a lot less frequently!