Monday, June 24, 2013

Other IMD blogs

Ever since I got accepted to IMD, I've been on a bit of a quest to find out everything I can about what lies ahead for Ashley and I in 2014.

I've been joining IMD webinars, reading the school newsletters and twitter posts, viewing the youtube videos, joining discussions on GMATclub, and getting to know the my fellow classmates on "yammer", in the class of 2014's social networking group.

I have also been scouring the web for anything and everything related to the IMD experience. I've come across some great blogs from those who have blazed the path ahead of me, full of insights of what life was like for them during their year in Lausanne.

Some of my favorite after the jump.

Props to Howie for being able to do what I hope I will be able to do as well - keep the blog going during (and after!) his MBA. His blog is full of interesting insights about what he has learned from the IMD experience. It's very cool to see how his year at IMD is making a difference in his post-MBA life.

His latest entry, where he talks about what he's learned as a foreign employee, is a pretty good example of what his blog is all about.

Howie also has an excellent series of articles on Bloomberg BusinessWeek's "MBA Journal" column that are worth checking out.

Thorsten is another IMD graduate who was able to keep his blog running throughout his year as a student. He has some very detailed accounts of his experience in classes, and really does a good job showing some of the ins-and-outs of the IMD MBA.

Check out this post where he describes "crisis management" scenario exercise. Great stuff!

Another great blog from a student from the class of 2008 documenting some of his learnings and experiences from his IMD MBA.

Here's a nice post talking about some of the assitance he received from IMD's career services.


The class of 2009 kept a blog during their discovery expedition to South Africa. I've read a lot about the discovery expedition from IMD's website, but it's great to have a first-hand account of what the experience is like.

Here's an example of the kinds of companies and experiences the IMD MBAs encounter during the expedition.


  • Partners' blogs

The partners do a great job year after year of documenting their experience and sharing tidbits of what they've learned during their time in Lausanne. The partner blogs really help paint a picture of what life at IMD will be like beyond the classroom for folks like me who are lucky enough to have our "other halves" supporting us in our journey.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the partners' blogs:

"What about me?" - a partner reflects on how she and her husband established a nice routine to be able to spend time with each other frequently (it's possible!) - and reflects on how she will improve herself during her year in Lausanne.

"Grocery shopping in Lausanne" - some great tips about how to find the best prices and how grocery shopping in general works in Lausanne.

"A partner's perspective" - A partner reflects on her day-to-day life and how things are going during her time at IMD.

Here is a link to each of the last few years' partners' blogs:

2012 Partners' blog
2011 Partners' blog
2010 Partners' blog
2009 Partners' blog

Always cool to check out what the current students have been up to in the official IMD student blogs.


  1. It is so good to read you blog. Really great stuff!! I Plan to apply to IMD, but everyone has told me not to apply this year as I am Russian and it is too late because of my nationality. Could you tell me how many have already accepted IMD's offer and what nationalities do they present?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks, I am glad you're enjoying the blog! Right now it doesn't look like there are any Russians who have accepted IMD's offer yet (out of 35 or so people that are in the online group for the class of 2014). However it's possible there are more people coming in from the R2 interview rounds that I just can't see yet. Still, I would say there's a pretty good chance your nationality won't hinder you, just make sure you put in your strongest application. Good luck!

  2. Oh wow!! Can you please inform number of Indians in the list. I am an Indian and waitlisted after R2. I am not sure how much hope I have. Also, if you know anything that needs to be done by wait-listed candidates, it would be great help.

    1. Hi there - looks like there are 3 Indians so far. But like I was saying earlier, I am not sure know how quickly the list gets updated, so it's possible more accepted candidates just haven't been added yet.

      Sorry to hear you got waitlisted. It sounds like IMD's wait list is generally pretty active, so I wouldn't lose hope just yet. Here's what I personally think could be helpful (but this is just my opinion so it may not mean much!) I'd say you can try to communicate any changes on your profile to IMD - promotions, awards, new volunteer work, anything that may make you more attractive and/or mitigate any of your profile weaknesses. Something else would be to let IMD know that they are your absolute top choice and that if offered a spot you would accept (but obviously only say that if that is indeed the case!). I don't know if those things would make a difference, and honestly I am not sure there is too much else you can do. But sometimes getting a "lucky bounce" is all you need, so that may still come! Good luck!

  3. Thank you very much. Knowing that there are already 3 admits and that IMD's penchant for keeping Indian to 4-5 each year, I am not sure how much chance i have. I will keep working on it. I hope i can make it. It will be real pleasure to meet people like you. I think by now all R2 accepted candidates should be in. Do you see any change in the number of MBA candidates and Indians in them? thanks