Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A new member in the Marshmallow clan!

Well, 2014 was already lining up to be a year full of life changes, self-discovery, hard-work and lack of sleep. To make things that much more exciting, Ashley and I are adding another dimension to our adventure:

We are having a baby!

Little Marshmallow will make his/her grand entrance in early January - about a week before the MBA program starts (give or take a few days). What a ride 2014 will be! Am I a little anxious, knowing the IMD MBA will be demanding enough as it is, let alone having a newborn to take care of? Of course I am. Am I a little apprehennsive, knowing I need to make triple sure that the all plans are in place with the logistics, finances, insurance etc? Absolutely.

But none of these worries come even close to the amount of joy and excitement I am feeling. Ashley and I are starting our family! I am going to be a dad!

The journey to fatherhood has been such an unbelievable experience already. From the first time we heard the baby's heartbeat, to sharing the news and the excitement with our family and friends, to seeing Ashley's tummy start to show a bump, to hearing her talk about how much the baby has been kicking and wiggling lately. Every step of the way fills me with wonder and anticipation for all the thrills that will come. I see other dads out there and I can't help but smile, as I'm starting to really be able to put myself in their shoes.

I feel so lucky to have Ashley as my companion as we venture through all these life experiences together. She has been so loving, so dedicated and so strong. Our year has been full of uncertainty, but together we've tackled every hurdle that has come our way. I know we'll continue to work as a team and tackle the many new hurdles we will still face. I'm so grateful for her never-ending support as well. Never once has she hesitated about our plan to move to Lausanne, baby and all. Instead, she has been extra dilligent about making sure we are as prepared as possible for the year ahead. What a girl!

Right now we still don't know if we will be having a boy or a girl, but will find out soon. What we do know is that we get some bragging rights for having the first baby of the IMD class of 2014!

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  1. That is WONDERFUL news!

    and thank you so much for sharing your experience at IMD.