Friday, July 12, 2013

"In 30 days, my startup will be dead"

I came across this fascinating blog, written by an anonymous entrepreneur in the tech/web space who sought out Venture Capital to grow his project. His start-up is now about to fail:

My startup has 30 days to live

It's a really compelling read. There are lots of interesting insights, both about the business aspect of trying to grow a start-up, and the emotional aspect of being so personally invested in a failing project. You can't help feel for the guy! Here's a scribble from one of his posts:

I can’t count how much advice I’ve gotten on work life balance. You can try time management schemes, forcibly limit your working hours, and even tear yourself away from your mac for time disconnected. The thing is, none of this works for a founder. In my case, it’s because of a serious emotional attachment to my work.

I find it especially valuable considering how much time and effort I will be spending working with a start-up during my Entrepreneurship Project at IMD next year!

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