Tuesday, July 2, 2013

While we're on the subject of ice hockey

I was reading a little more about ice hockey in Switzerland the other day and I came across a hilarious article about a Canadian hockey player that spent a few months in the Swiss League during the NHL lockout last fall.

"Canadian ice hockey star Tyler Seguin wowed fans while playing in Switzerland’s top league during the NHL lockout, but neat-and-tidy Swiss are also remembering him for his messy habits."

Here are some examples of this *shocking* behavior, apparently reported in Switzerland's most read online tabloid:

“The parquet floor was littered with coins worth 220 francs”
“He ... did not know how to operate the dishwasher... when he ran out of clean plates, glasses and cutlery, he bought plastic tableware"
"Coca-cola bottles, garbage and dirty linen lay scattered across the floor"
"... the cleaning company spent a full day tidying the apartment"
The horror!

Clearly the Swiss have earned their stereotype for being clean and orderly. As a bit of a neat-freak myself, I actually admire this aspect of Swiss culture. But I didn't realize messy habits could make headlines!

Here's a link to the full article:

NHL star branded as 'slob' in Switzerland

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