Monday, August 5, 2013

November 24th: our official arrival date

It's official! Ashley and I will be arriving in Lausanne on November 24th. In a way it feels like we have quite a bit of time until the big day, but then when I think about how much we have to do, it's really not that much time at all.

November 24th works out well with our schedules. It's still early enough that Ashley can fly safely, but it allows me to receive a paycheck for as long as possible before the move. It will be nice to have a few weeks in Lausanne before the program begins too, to make sure we're all settled in and ready for Little Marshmallow's arrival. And perhaps we'll be able to take a short trip somewhere nearby for a couple days. The one thing that is kind of a pain is that we will need to find some temporary accommodation until our permanent place becomes available in mid-December.

It's exciting that we have a definitive date marked on the calendar though! If anyone will be in Lausanne then and would like to get together for a beer, let me know!

On this day in 2014 Marshmallow will have hardly any hair left on his head. The ones that do survive will probably be grey.

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