Saturday, December 21, 2013

I've been invited to be an official IMD blogger!

This week IMD announced their selection for the blogging team for the class of 2014... and I am excited to be one of them! Here is the announcement from Suzy, the blog coordinator at IMD.

I will join a team including a couple of very interesting and insightful folks: Ashley, who will also be IMD's video blogger and has already posted a fantastic introductory entry, and Andras, who has been keeping an excellent wine-themed blog that I am a big fan of: Wines and Treks. I look forward to finally meeting and working together soon!

When I was applying to IMD I remember reading the IMD blogs quite diligently, looking for a clearer picture of life as an IMD student. Then I started this blog, looking to share a bit about my experience and hoping to help others who are also interested in pursuing their MBA at IMD. It feels great that IMD is willing give me this opportunity and endorse my insights!

The official IMD 2014 blog goes live when the program starts, on January 9th. Here's the link. Until then I plan to continue posting about my Swiss MBA adventure here.

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